ClipMate 7.5

It has functions to combine, edit and manage your clipboard data

ClipMate wants to revolutionize the concept of storing clips on a clipboard. What Windows clipboard has pioneered, ClipMate has transformed into something very close to a word processor, but with none of the clumsiness that a large software program brings with it. Where you are limited to one clip on the Windows clipboard, ClipMate hold thousands of clips. ClipMate’s greatest asset is that it saves you time, because with ClipMate you can work on more than one monitor and even more than one PC.

Your data can be managed by performing regular data formatting tasks. You can edit, separate or combine your clips. ClipMate’s spellchecker will ensure that you can maintain good quality work. When all is done, you can print your clips.
ClipMate has utilized the drop/drag functionality and very cleverly integrated it with the customary Windows taskbar. You can drag data clip and drop them from your clipboard straight onto your page. ClipMate has become indispensable for many PC users and is often first on their list of software acquisitions.

If you have Windows 98 or any version up to Vista you can start your ClipMate trial period straight away. Once you’ve completed the 30 days, you can buy a license which will even allow you to use it on 2 PCs.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Stores thousands of clips on your clipboard


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